Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Almost Ready To Board!

Between doing work, doing sideline, covering Wimbledon for the blog and its corollary Fantasy League, I am still planning a backpacking trip (see previous post). It's great that I am almost done. Lest I forget, I must write the remaining tasks I have to do before finally boarding that plane.

1. Get your free ticket. Must do this ASAP.
2. Get clearance. I will not let those snobbish Immigration people at the gate ruin my trip.
3. Buy shoes. I know, but having sturdy, reliable footwear when you're on the go is a must.
4. Buy CDs to load in my phone. The proposed repertoire is as follows: X and Y by Coldplay (for the concert, of course), As The Music Plays by Bamboo, and a little splashing of whatever is loaded in my PC.
5. Get Cambodia Lonely Planet Guide from Yayie.
6. Photocopy portions of my travel guides into my notebook for ease of carriage.
7. Create a packing list and make sure it fits in 1 backpack and 1 daypack.
8. From above, get a daypack.

Whew! That's not everything yet, but it's a start. Better get moving.

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tArtan said...



monsterboy said...

Hindi ako sports journalist. Sadyang lakwatsero lang. Hehehe.

Im going alone :D


Only 2 tasks left to do: load songs into my player, and buy shoes. Most probably, I wont be buying shoes because Im running way over budget, hehe.

midicrux said...

To Tartan,

I helped spark the Wanderlust in Ronnie, I think. :)) Hehehe.

It all started in Shanghai. Or way before - Thailand and Davao.

Two of my favourite places, too.

Ron, save your miles for Europe or England. I'm going next year--graduation. :))

monsterboy said...

Mida: Much thanks for many things! Thanks for goading me to go to Shanghai, and introducing me to the CouchSurfing Project. One taught me that I can travel on my own, the other showed me that there is a world of travellers out there willing to help each other.

Sana nga, makaipon ako ng miles to Europe :p Advance congratulations!

tArtan said...

To Midicrux,


Birds of the same feather really do flock together eh?

How I wish I can also save up mooooooooore moolah to go on trips.

for now, i'll settle reading travelogues on the net.

do you also have a blog?

I'm in the process of making my own :)