Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Taxi Confidential

Ever been turned away from a taxi? Flag one down, say the destination of your choice, only to be offered some lame excuse? "Hanggang Makati lang kasi ako e..." Worse, the driver would just give a surly look, then scoot off. Well, a few days ago, I had my revenge, and it was sweet.

Tuesday is coding day for me, and rather than run the risk of being caught by MMDA enforcers, I happily obliged to commute. Waiting for a cab (or a jeep for that matter) along Congressional Avenue has always been murder. With the glaring sun in my eye, I had to step out to the sidewalk because a no-good red van was covering my view of approaching vehicles. After probably fifteen minutes, an empty cab stops in front of me - I really forgot what his dumbass excuse was, but the bottomline was "I don't want to take you".

This is where the LA Confidential scene comes in. The cab hasn't gone more than 20 meters when the red van cuts in front of it, six men in LTO vests jump out, and one of them approaches me. "Ayaw ba kayong isakay nung taxi?" he asks. Hey, I'm not a liar, so I say "no". Immediately, they sieze the poor cabbie's license, fill out a ticket for "Rude Driver" (or something), and say to me "These creeps should be apprehended immediately" in Filipino.

And, for that moment, all the times that I was waiting in the rain, getting wet, or, being baked in the outdoors, waiting for a cab, and getting turned down, seemed totally worth it. I had gotten even - mwahahaha.

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MaidenFlight said...

lol! bravo! makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it? :)

hey, i'll link you to my blog, ok?

monsterboy said...

Hey, no problem, link away!

Revenge, particularly accidental ones are like french fries in ice cream - weird tasting, but still a treat.

Pardon the analogy, but the heat is killing me.

lateralus said...

how does it feel to make a family of 8 go hungry for a night? I hope you're happy. :(

Anonymous said...

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