Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An overwhelming sense of frustration

I just learned a couple of minutes from Damien Rice's official site that he will be performing a week from now in Singapore. I've been regularly checking out the site, and promised myself to grab the first opportunity to catch him anywhere here in SE Asia.

The timing, I must say, is impeccable - the date is fine, I have no other prior engagements, but I will not have enough time to prepare my travel documents - clearances, among others. I JUST CAN'T! Goshdarnit!

4 talkbacks:

midicrux said...

You can stay in Singapore for a full month, or 21 days at least, without a visa.

ASEAN power, Ron! :))

monsterboy said...

What's even crappier, is that I was supposed to have a meeting next week in KL, a reasonable 5-6 hours commute from Sing! Libre na sana pamasahe ko!!

peejay said...

believe me, muntik na rin kaming pumunta. but then i found out tickets were sold out a week before the show. darn it.

monsterboy said...

if ever that happens, balitaan mo ako. sana magwi siya ulit sa SEA.