...as my favorite director. Wait - let me just clear the cobwebs from this blog. There.

Yep, I'm alive. I've got several excuses (travel, work, no internet, zombie invasion, you know the drill), but none of it matters now. I've seen the deliriously good Inception by Christopher Nolan, and it is now confirmed: He is my favorite movie director.

As previously tweeted, Inception is the movie to see this summer: an arresting panorama of visuals, a sensational ensemble (always a gathering of acting heavyweights), but the core of it? A mind-blowing script. Franchise here, reboot there, a trilogy somewhere...it's about time someone came up with a devastatingly novel idea.

The idea of Inception is relatively complex, but you'd be surprised on how straightforward the stroytelling is. Then again, halfway through the movie, you realise that you're not there just to watch the film, you're there to admire it. It's like an elegantly dancing Rubik's cube or an infinitely changing Mandelbrot (forgive the nerd in me). However way you splice it, Inception is just intellectually gorgeous, in structure, in delivery, and in conception.

And if you look at Nolan's resume, his movies aren't too far off in formula: The reverse storyline coupled with short-term memory loss in Memento, one-upmanship and the (for lack of a better word) prestige in The Prestige, and the beautifully organised chaos in The Joker's mind in The Dark Knight. Where M Night has grabbed our attention in The Sixth Sense yet failed to deliver in consistency, Nolan has soared and kept on improving his craft.

Oh here's something not so original - remember that hotel fight scene with JGL? Though it's a definite shoo-in for MTV's Best Fight Award, I've seen it before. It's about time someone use this idea from 12 years ago!

Best Fight!

Yup, that's Justin Timberlake and the gang in Bye Bye Bye c.1998!

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feedalvin said...

Me too! Pero in my case, si Wes Anderson yung naovertake niya. David Fincher is still a close #3.

Also, N'Sync? OK. LOL

monsterboy said...

In another note - Fincher is working on The Social Network. I would've passed on this MMK for Facebookers, but seeing that Eisenberg and Garfield are on board, I reckon it's a good acting workshop. Plus, It'll give Fincher a chance to up the ante.

feedalvin said...

Based on all the hype, The Social Network is turning out to be the movie of the year (even the century and "of our generation" pa daw, lol.)

Too bad sa December pa yung showing dito sa Manila. Boooooo!!!

feedalvin said...

Ay mali, Oct 27 pala yung showing. I take back the three O's in my boo.