Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Year's Best Movie

I've been waiting for 500 Days Of Summer since I caught wind of The Temper Trap's new single, Sweet Disposition. After hearing the song, and seeing the movie trailer, I knew that this was one movie I couldn't pass up.

The film scores perfect marks on all fronts: charming, and offbeatly-romantic leads, am a fan of JGL, but was completely enamored by Zooey's lovely eyes and wondrous personality; a rocking and lifting soundtrack, featuring Regina Spektor, The Smiths, Feist; a non-linear narrative, set out in giving the viewer pieces of a puzzle meant to be put together. Director Marc Webb put out all stops in his narrative device, and even throws in a Sliding Doors-split screen style. Even the little touches in the movie connected with me on a personal level - architecture, and an IKEA date :)

The movie was released at Sundance, and gathered enough momentum to be fit for a limited release. It was supposed to have arrived last June, but since robots, wizards and other sequels were ruling the box office, it was only wise to move it to a later date.

It's the coolest movie of the year indeed.

No spoilers to be said here - but if you're looking for a great indie flick that mixes clever with cute; spirited with emo, then this movie if for you. This movie just made my all-time list (see a couple of articles prior to this), and is competing with Garden State in that genre.

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alvin, kid repetitive said...

Finally got to see it last week. And I agree. Best movie this year! Galing din ng soundtrack.