Yup, there has been quite a lull in this blog. But for crying out loud - how was I
supposed to be blogging when I spend my days at work, and the rest of my nights still at work? The rest of my free time was spent downloading watching Tina Fey impersonate, nay, copy Sarah Palin.There was enough time to catch a movie at this year's Spanish Film Festival, where I saw La Orfanata (The Orphanage), which I did not know was a horror movie. Good thing Ididn't, and was pleasantly surprised and impressed at the storytelling capabilities of the Spanish. The downside of which, I was creeped out driving alone from Alabang to QC. Yaiks. More on this in a separate entry.

Onwards I say. I picked up two CDs last weekend, to make amends for my recent downloading spree. Not my fault the CDs I've been looking for are not available here - but I downloaded Graduation by Kanye West just to spite him (All bias aside, that record is truly meritorious of all the praises it reaped).

Still, I can't get to my point - I'm so scatterbrained lately, I can't even compose a decent, cohesive blog post. So I think I'll just stop and do this another day.

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