Thursday, December 06, 2007

Some People Never Learn

My stupid laptop crashed again. This time, she took no prisoners - all my photos are gone. All the music I had archived is gone. All the emails that I have saved for work are gone. And this stupid PC hasn't been with me for a year.

Folks, avoid the Compaq NC6400 like a rat-infested plague. It's a guaranteed lemon.

2 talkbacks:

djong said...

ouch. i can imagine how that must feel. happened to me a year ago. all. files. gone.

don't have it reformatted yet, there might still be hope! there are whizzes out there who can retrieve some of your info. :D

monsterboy said...

Yes, yes, huhuhu. My friend is trying his best to revive Diskbert, but it looks like he (not my friend) is gone to the gallows.

Apparently, it was a company-wide epidemic! I know at least 3 people in my department alone, with more 4 people in other floors. Security breach!