Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fruits and Fishes

So, in a matter of weeks, I had my next CouchSurf. I really did not mean to host this time, but how can I resist hosting friends I've met before? And it doesn't help my cause that she's a lovely Lithuanian lady. The upside is, my parents were forced to do some research - where is Lithuania?

After a night of partying and drinks, we headed out for Batangas. On the way there, a mandatory stop at Tagaytay was definitely due. My friend was vegan, and like a moth to a flame, she was immediately drawn to the fruit stalls leading of to the ridge.


I really should be doing profile photos of my guests. Hehehe.


It was my first time to snorkel, and in order to preserve the novelty of the experience, I decided to defer diving to a later date, and perhaps with another guest. Still, snorkeling and feeding the fishes was a great activity, if you're a fan of nibbling (pervert!) fishes.

And oh, my camera died on me; and this was the last photo I took.


6 talkbacks:

MaidenFlight said...

excellent picture, ron! too bad your batteries ran out.

monsterboy said...

I know! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Lots of *potential* lovely sundown photos that day.

coach said...

ganda ng lugar, saan yan sa batangas?

monsterboy said...

Nice huh? It's in Bauan. But we left the car at San Manuel, or Marcelino (not sure), the town after Taal, amnd took a boat to Dive and Trek.

lateralus said...

bakit di mo ko sinama? :(

monsterboy said...

Next time?