Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blog Awards

In light of my recent woe in the article below, to which our ever-reliable IT Helpdesk was able to restore my Nov 2006 files, not my March 2007 files (rendering it all useless), I still have good news to share.

Quelle bon surprise! My blog is nominated for the Philippine Blog Awards in not one, but two categories (Travel and Personal). Thanks to those who nominated my site, I'm not even aware that there was an nomination season.

Given this wonderful news, I promise to do the following:

1. I promise to write more in the blog, and be more conscious of the typographical errors. Watch me hack away at night, in complete graphomaniac mode.
2. I promise to post better pictures. (Which is a fancy way of saying that I shall reward myself with a really nice camera next month.)
3. I promise not to do a Sally Field should I win an award. However, if the presentor is totally hot, I promise to do an Adrien Brody.
4. I promise to treat those who nominated me for a drink. Haha.
5. I promise to have my travelogues share really useful tips. However, I cannot promise to not colorfully describe (ie. mock) the tourists I meet.

Edited to add: If you want to go to the event, just drop by here: Philippine Blog Awards: How to get your tickets


There. Just an update, I finally saw a movie at the cinemas, - first since well, I got single again. To repeat an earlier statement, not just 1, but 2 movies, even!

Frank Miller got it perfectly right in 300, a dazzling mix of art direction, and story telling. I always loved stylized violence, but throw in a lot of story, it distracts you from the texture of the film (Can you hear me Sin City?). Not enough story and you get all dressed up paper dolls in a diorama (Sky Captain and World of Tomorrow). In 300, they stuck to their guns, or should I say spears and swords. It was the Battle of a Place I can't spell, and kept the momentum going. Well done right there.

The other movie I saw was Notes On A Scandal. Cate Blanchett, have an affair with me!

Seriously speaking, the movie was tight, and utterly delectable. Now, I have the confidence of taking the TOEFL - it felt like an English class right there. Crush ko din kasi si Judi Dench. Hehe.

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lateralus said...

have you checked out the competition?

I'm really digging

Amazing layout and photos.

Anonymous said...

oh wow! Gratz on the Award!

Anonymous said...

oops- i mean, nomination... sorry, pre-emptive strike...

monsterboy said...

Haha. That's all right Kat =) Thanks!

totomai said...

hehe, congrats on the nominations. good luck

lateralus said...

I challenge you to beat my 192/194 score. hehe

monsterboy said...

Dude, I don't believe you. =P

I got a 124.