Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Cast Of Characters in Vietnam

So my travel narrative does not seem to be running a correct timeline. What I'm going to do, is narrate it by the people I met.

While I was busy pigging out in Hoi An, I met the other tourists I saw from previous points in Vietnam. I bumped into Team Korea, who were frantically waving at me from the riverside. I am now snapping my fingers why I didn't have a picture taken with them complete with flashing of the "V" sign. Tsk.

There was Miss India, who was from the Netherlands who absolutely love the Mekong cruise and Luang Prabang. She was so tired from the vacation, that she was looking for a vacation from the vacation.

Then there was the Russian couple, the girl looked like that crybaby Starr from Project Runway, and the guy looked like a thinner Mr. Bean. Go figure.

Thank you Mr. Honeymooner, this is a nice pic.

There was the newlyweds, a photographer from LA. He took that picture of me by a gate in Hue. There's a tip right there - alone? Looking for someone in the crowd to take your picture? Always pick the one with the fanciest camera, chances are, he's a professional, and it's almost always you'll get a nice picture. For free! By the way, his wife, Ms. Mexico, was hot.

Following Maria Kirilenko traipse around posts...

I was trying to get a picture of this girl who looked like Maria Kirilenko (damn!), but everytime I get a good angle, his big menacing boyfriend would pop in, with a glower in his face (yaiks!). I did have some stolen shots of her though, hehehe.

The bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang was an overnight one, and when we got off to switch buses in Nha Trang I had a chat with Mr. Germany, whose only knowledge of Filipinos were of religious maids (Watch them gather by the church every Sunday!) and delicious lumpiang Shanghai.

By the we were supposed to board the bus to Saigon, I met Roxette from Hanoi, and another Swedish couple. Four Swedes and what do you get? Right, Abba! And for the next 2 hours, that's what was playing, inside the bus. Mama Mia! Dancing Queen! Chiquitita! Super Trooper! Fernando!

Ooh, it's actually funny that I know that many Abba Songs. Thank you for the music, but no thanks - as I plugged my earphones on.

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