Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Punkd On My Birthday

It's not what you think, I'm not a celebrity anyway. As a birthday treat to myself, I went CD shopping - since it's the only thing I can afford to gift myself. (Your gifts are welcome too... *wink).


I got this: Musique Vol 1: 1993-2005 by Daft Punk. Definitely the best electronica group of my generation. They caught my attention with their video Around The World, and I got instantly hooked. I mean, the video is not special effects-laden, it just features people dancing around in a circle, but there was something about the synth-vocals and the funny dance troupe. The proper genre is called "French House" - should I call it "la maison" then?

Anyway, great buy for beat-hunting music junkies; the album features the choppped-lyrics "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" (If you're going to hear this song for the first time, listen to the lyrics of the first two verses, then put them together. I promise, it'll be fun); the iPod advert song "Technologic" and several remixes.

Currently listening to Alive and Revolution 909 ;)


Website find of the week: Lots of remixes from this team - Should've known they were brilliant the moment they chose EBTG to sing The Future of the Future. Check out the jukebox, you can create your own playlist from a great selection of songs, and my favorites, remixes. Remixes for Dido, Janet, Gabrielle, Justin Timberlake and iio are on the site. Bonus trivia, I didn't know they were Iranians. I'm now a fan.

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