Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Today's Pop Quiz

You're on your way to your car parked at the sixth floor of the parking building and the elevator jams at the third floor. What do you do?

a) Look for a hidden camera. It could be one of those nasty gag shows that put you in an awkward position and watch you squirm.
b) Check how you look. After all, this could still be Candid Camera.
c) Count the number of girls you can probably make out with in a stuck elevator.
d) Decide if you are claustrophobic.
e) Estimate how long would this delay take - and figure out if you need to do Number 2 by then.
f) Emergency response - Use the intercom to call the building administrator.
g) Bang on the elevator door. If this doesn't work, try prying it open.


Want to know what I did? Here they are in order:
a) No cameras. Oh well, my chance to be a national star.
b) Again, no cameras.
c) Four ladies and me. I liked the chances of that, but they were all past 40. Tsk. Besides, it would've been a scandal.
d) Me claustrophobic? I still haven't decided yet.
e) Do. Not. Fart.
f) No one is answering the intercom (HEEEEEELLLLP!!!)
g) I don't have a crowbar in my laptop bag. Will a highlighter work?

It was a full ten minutes before we got rescued, and when we did have the elevator door opened, all the other passengers got out and decided to use the stairs. Bonus question - After being stuck in a defective elevator for 10 minutes, do you go out of the 3rd floor and just take the stairs for another 3 floors up?

Of course, I did. Smirk at the thought of it as the steel doors closed and prepared to take me to the sixth floor, that is.

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