Thursday, August 25, 2005

Things I'm Going To Miss...

... now that I'm going to be working in Makati.

1. Waking up at 830am, then getting to work by 9am.
2. Conversely, leaving the office at 430, then getting home by 5.
3. Playing tennis at 5, and having the tennis court all to myself.
4. Going to work in sandals.
5. Going to work in sandals and shorts on weekends.
6. Free parking. All day, every day.
7. My parking slot is 20 meters from my cubicle.
8. No elevators.
9. No traffic.
10. Napping during lunch break. On a bed. In my house.
11. Cheap lunch. Heck, cheap everything.
12. The white sand beach is 10 minutes away.
13. A very spacious cubicle.

That's the list so far. I'll be adding more when I start work on Monday

2 talkbacks:

monsterboy said...

Not so bad. I leave the house at 8, and arrive at the office at 9. But going home, that's murder.

monsterboy said...

Just learned, I'm actually getting a pay cut! Yeesh!