After delaying this article for so long, I probably deserve to go back there right now. Not just because my butterscotch stash for personal pasalubong didn't last a week, but I forgot to take pictures of the old churches there.

Sneaking from work (sort of), I managed a side trip to Guimaras. I flew in from Cebu, and it was the worst 40 minute flight of my life. Drat. It like the plane was part of a World War II dog fight, worse, an Air Force (not ours, of course) parade. There were sudden turns, sudden dives (all I was waiting for was the loop) - in stormy weather. Sheesh!

Sparing our drunken pictures, this picture is all I have to offer. Iloilo has a new entertainment/gimmick strip, and it was one fun party - one of the bars there had ceiling fans, and they sure weren't kidding. These fans moved sideways, and the theory I have is that they're run by motor designed to rotate lechon manoks.

Fan of fans

Onward to Guimaras. It was a very short boat ride from Iloilo pier to Jordan wharf, but the drive from the wharf to the resort was a good thirty minutes. Scenic it wasn't, sorry. No mangoes on trees to pick (must've missed harvest season), and there was only one store that sold them.

This is the beach over at Rayman's in northern Guimaras. It's quiet, not too populated, and the water was fantastic. It may not have the sprawling white sand, but the water had a great temperature to it, and there were small waves strong enough for light massage. The water wasn't as salty also - not that there should be an index of saltiness, but the effect baking in the sun for half a day was only a very light sunburn. Yey.

Nice beach, eh?

We did drop by the Trappist Monastery to pick up pasalubong. Most of the areas were secluded from the public, so we just went shopping. Should've bought more cashew nuts. Some idiot stopped by to smell the flowers, but let's not post that.

This is at the lobby of the church. Contrasting with the old, old churches across the channel, this one was fairly new. Still looked good, though.

In front of the church

I may have pictures of Miag-ao Church (and me sitting on top of the tower), but I have to take pictures of the churches of Jaro and Molo still.

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