Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The 2005 list

Here's a list of stuff that caught my fancy for 2005:

Bangkok and Ayutthaya - Thailand is gorgeous!
The Streets - Mike Skinner is the man, bringing a fresh spin with his spoken word/rap album.
Venus vs Lindsay in Wimbledon - Definitely the tennis match of the year.
Shanghai - East meets West, powdered with the mystic past, and an enviable future.
Scrubs - Laughter is the best medicine. Plus, the soundtrack was a great buy.
The OC - Yes, teen dramedy, but with a kick-butt soundtrack that features the up and coming indie and alt-pop artists, it single-handedly rejuvenated my CD collection.
Garden State - When you take out the Spider-man out of Peter Parker, this is kind of the result. Somewhat.
The Emancipation of Mimi - I must admit, it is an outstanding album.
The Coversproject.com Website - Who did who, musically of course.
The Amazing Race Fantasy Game, volume 2 - My first time to host. And it was a blast.
www.thestone.com - Learn a lot from the website by playign a game.
The Killers - Hot Fuss ushered in mod-rock. Suddenly, we're back to the 80s.
Sky High - Candy-pop fun laced with 80s music. Nostalgia without being sappy.

That is an incomplete list, some I forgot, and some I'm keeping to myself. Haha.

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